Porcelain - delicate & unique

Being part of the so called "Porzellanstrasse" which means street of porcelain, the area of Coburg has always been a centre of porcelain manufacturing. But today this traditional craft is about to disappear. With my products I try to preserve this craft and interpret it in a modern way.

Porcelain is a fascinating material with almost infinite possibilities to experiment - it has a lot of singularities, pitfalls and obstacles to take.

Once you started working with it, you may never stop - the myriad possibilities in color and shape offers a wide variation of products.

All of my products are dishwashersafe and are ready to be used in your daily life!


Orders can be placed through the contact mask or mail at hello@alisaehrlicher.com


Individual wishes can be considered.

Delivery time will be around 3 to 4 days, depending on the country you live in.

OFF-SERIES by blāo Design


After our product design studies Denise Knauft and I decided to partner up  and founded blao Design studio.


We developed our OFF-tableware-series - real fruits and vegetables are transfered in a new materiality and attain a totally new look-and-feel. The smallest details of each fruit which you wouldn't recognize in daily life get in focus and become an eye-catcher.


Our products are not art - they shall be used and integrated in daily life!


The OFF-tableware- series is used in the 2-starred Michelin restaurant Restaurant Alexander Herrmann by Tobias Bätz in Wirsberg for the presentation of the vegetarian menue. A perfect symbiosis of high-class culinary art and ambitious design.


pictures: Anna Maria Saller Fotografie, https://www.annasaller.com/


Crystl - Serie

Coffee & Espresso Cups

Everyone knows it: the ordinary plastic cup, used in coffee dispensers oder on parties and get thrown away in the end.

Inspired by these cups I designed this coffee and espresso cups out of porcelain. Made by hand and in this high-class material the look-and-feel changes totally.


You can decide between two sizes (coffee or espresso) and two shapes: straight oder with a kink.

the colors shown shall be taken as examples, special wishes can be considered. You can purchase the cups in almost every possible color and different glazes. Just send me a request!